Topics I love to share:

"lisa's sessions are like a very nice therapy session for your heart and brain!"

- Dina  R.

"I have found lisa and her teaching on creativity and mindfulness perfect for accessing my inner
creativity and playfulness. I am so glad I did this."

- participant at Creativity and Mindfulness, Haliburton School for the Arts, Summer 2018


› Playing to your Strengths (above)
  What are you good at? What makes you feel alive? Learn how you can leverage your strengths in service of a fulfilling
  career - and life!

› Doing your Best Work: Managing overload to protect your creativity
  E-mail, procrastination, doing work for other people at the expense of your own productivity... learn how to set your north star
  and minimize distractions so
you can make the difference you yearn to make.

› Men, Money and My Body: What 40 years of keeping a journal taught me about life
  I have been keeping a diary since I was 12 years old. When I look back oneverything I have done, thought and worried about,
  life's lessons came into eerily
clear focus. Here's my story, embarrassments, epiphanies and all.

› Not just what you do, but who you are: Navigating later-in-life career transition
  You know you need to make a change. But you're scared about money, security, failure and what your family will think.
  While you may not think this (yet!),
changing careers later in life is the best time to do it... learn how to leverage
  all your skills and experience in the pursuit of your interests and passion.

  FORMATS AND LENGTH OF SESSIONS ARE FLEXIBLE>>> Please contact me to learn more