"I have experienced lisa working with our directors group as a strategic and operational planning facilitator. In this capacity she demonstrated leadership, organization, and facilitation skills working with a very senior, seasoned group addressing very complex issues. I have also worked with her as a colleague addressing organizational issues and have experienced a highly capable, focused, innovative and empathic facilitator able to effectively connect with front line staff, managers, and senior staff that promoted honest and candid participation that maintained the delicate balance of acknowledging work life frustrations and difficulties while staying focused on achieving the intended goals. Lisa produces observable results in team functioning and receives "rave" reviews from the participants."

- D James, Clinical Program Director

"Yesterday's planning session kept our group thoroughly engaged and made excellent use of the time we allotted. lisa kept us on track, we achieved our goals for the session, AND finished on time while enjoying ourselves. You can appreciate that we don't get to say that for every meeting we attend!"

- K Lemessurier, Director of Strategy

"As a trainer/facilitator I find Lisa to be exceptionally well spoken and (equally important) a good listener. Lisa is able to inspire others as she conveys a strong self-knowledge, a natural respect for self and others' strengths and differences in the workplace."

- J Barr, Facility Engagement Lead

Come out of your next meeting or planning session reinvigorated, and with a clear sense of what comes next.

And a plan to get there.

As a seasoned facilitator with a light touch, a sense of purpose and a thorough understanding of interpersonal dynamics, I support boards, leadership teams, work groups and collaborators in creative partnerships in surfacing shared wisdom, aligning  priorities and tactics to vision, and supporting people as they grapple with structural, functional and individual transitions.

Below is some feedback my clients have shared with me: